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GDPR in Digital Marketing

This article is a quick fire guide based on my understanding of how the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will effect businesses’ marketing activities, it is not a substitute for legal advice and my recommendation is always to seek legal advice where appropriate to do so.   What is GDPR? In April 2016, the … Continue reading “GDPR in Digital Marketing”

Twitter Is Dead – Long Live Twitter?

If you have asked me about Twitter over the last year, I may have spoken about how it’s dying (unless you’re talking news, Arsenal FC or the London Black Cab industry). In April, we saw their revenue decline for the first time, as brands stopped advertising and their Q2 report recorded no growth in monthly … Continue reading “Twitter Is Dead – Long Live Twitter?”

Facebook Explore – What Is It?

The Facebook rumours have made their way around and I am sad to say, yes it’s true! Facebook Explore is being rolled out in test phase.   What’s the new Facebook Strategy? Facebook Explore has been rolled out to users around the world. It is currently in test phase in Bolivia, Cambodia, Guatemala, Serbia, Slovakia … Continue reading “Facebook Explore – What Is It?”

Snapchat Introduces Web Links To Images

Snapchat is aiming to get one over on its rival Instagram with the introduction of new functionality enabling web links to be embedded within its famous vanishing pictures and videos. The move means content will no longer be a brief dead end and could open the floodgates for a wealth of brand tie-ins and product … Continue reading “Snapchat Introduces Web Links To Images”

Celebrating 10 Years of the iPhone

How has this device changed the marketing landscape? The iPhone has revolutionised the smartphone market, bringing about a super usable way of accessing the internet on the go. Suddenly, iPhones were popping up in every hand. It paved the way for other tech companies to offer better smartphones too- Samsung Galaxy, for example. Traffic from … Continue reading “Celebrating 10 Years of the iPhone”

Blogging: Engaging Your Target Audience

The Digital age has seen a rise in challenge for businesses looking to engage their target audience through blogging. With the rise of smartphones, we have seen the human attention span dive to just 8 seconds. That’s less than that of a goldfish! Having said this, our ability to multitask has improved. We flick from … Continue reading “Blogging: Engaging Your Target Audience”

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