Celebrating 10 Years of the iPhone


How has this device changed the marketing landscape?

The iPhone has revolutionised the smartphone market, bringing about a super usable way of accessing the internet on the go. Suddenly, iPhones were popping up in every hand. It paved the way for other tech companies to offer better smartphones too- Samsung Galaxy, for example. Traffic from mobile devices overtook that from desktops and marketers had to pay attention.

  • With more traffic from mobile devices, every website had to be mobile-friendly. Web developers could no longer get away with sloppy unresponsive web design. In fact, the way a website looks on mobile is now more important!
  • The idea of one-tap-away is born, whether it’s ordering a cab, your latest order on Amazon or dialling a number from a website, with a simple tap of a button, we purchase, order, dial and much more.
  • The line between the digital world and the physical world has been blurred. With QR code, geo targeting, use of Shazam in adverts, the two worlds are edging ever closer.
  • The iPhone has been a massive driver in the use of social media. Most people use social media all the time and this has opened a direct dialogue between brands and consumers, whereby consumers expect quick responses to questions and feel free to publicly shame or praise a brand.
  • Websites are old school- we are living in the age of apps. Brands have gone app crazy to ensure they are providing the best mobile experience for their consumers. Storage on smartphones have grown and with it the number of apps we are happy to have stored on our phone.

The iPhone is iconic and as a digital marketer, I thank Apple for it! It has made my role even more interesting and enables me to work from anywhere in the world. Happy birthday iPhone!

Author: Seena Shah

Seena Shah is the Founder and Director of Splash Creative London. Seena is listed as one of the top 50 women under 30 in digital by The Drum and has built an impressive career in social media marketing and digital strategy.

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