Invite Connections To Follow Your Company Page

LinkedIn has (finally) released a new feature that allows you to invite your connections to follow your company page. Any LinkedIn page manager has been struggling since the follow feature was launched to get people to follow their brand on social media, and now we have a solution, thank you LinkedIn!

Here is  step-by-step guide that will see your LinkedIn following go from zero to hero overnight:

1. Navigation

Find your page and ensure you are viewing it as an admin. You can change view on the top right-hand corner. Just below the “view as member” button, you will see the “Admin Tools” menu. Click this.

2. Admin Tools

In the “Admin Tools” menu, you will see the option to “Invite Connections”, click this.

3. Send your invitations

Select all the connections who would benefit from following your page. Remember, LinkedIn is a digital networking tool – your connections may not be your target audience but when they like or engage with your content, their network can see it too.

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