GDPR Compliant Marketing Services

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. This has brought data protection regulation up to date with technological developments over the last few decades.

The ways in which we ask for consent, use, store and protect data have changed. In addition, both the Data Controller and Data Processor are responsible for GDPR compliance. In reflection of GDPR, Splash Creative has developed its services to ensure your marketing complies with GDPR.

Asking for Consent

Consent to store, use, and process an individual’s data have change considerably and as the basis of any marketing strategy, it is important that you get this right. We can help you design a creative and user-friendly way of asking for all the necessary consent that your brand requires through clever wording and design.

Managing Existing Data

Many businesses have been collecting data for some time and this can leave you in a bit of a conundrum. However, this could equally be seen as an opportunity to clean up your existing data and get the necessary permissions in place so that you do not lose valuable data unnecessarily.


The consequences of failing to adhere to GDPR, could be a hefty fine which will affect all businesses large and small.

If you need to make your marketing activities GDPR compliant, we can help. Just get in touch here.

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