Our Work

Splash Creative London is a boutique digital marketing agency focusing on the recruitment and education sectors and female and youth markets.


We have worked across all sectors within recruitment, creating campaigns that target clients and candidates. We understand the unique requirements that recruitment agencies have and the sensitivities too.



We have worked across all levels of education from primary and secondary schools, sixth forms and colleges, further and higher education and adult professional learning. This has given us a strong understanding of the dynamics and challenges of delivering effective communication on budgets that are heavily scrutinised.


Female Consumers

Women and men communicate in very different ways. We have invested heavily in researching how women communicate online and where they can be found. With this research and a good understanding of the female audiences, we can make informed suggestions on your campaign.


Young Consumers

Millenials and gen-Xers communicate in alien form- they use a different language, emojis and even different platforms. We have extensive experience on making brands look “cool” to this audience in the right places. Getting their attention is what we do!


Check out our client testimonials below:

eLaw Training
Seena is a highly professional expert in her field - she is client- friendly and will work towards your goals at all times. I can recommend her for her skills and friendly personality.
Practically Slim
Splash Creative have created a digital presence for us, attracted leads to our business and increased the traffic to our website. Splash Creative is very easy to work with; they really feel like a partner. They have this very positive attitude and a fantastic work ethic. Above all they are passionate about what they do and work consistently to understand and develop the Practically Slim brand.
Sanders Witherspoon LLP
Within the first month, contacts we received via our website increased by 13%. After the second month, clicks to our blog pages increased by a staggering 63%. As well as incredible stats that speak for themselves the client care has been brilliant. Needless to say we are incredibly pleased with what has been achieved and hope to continue our relationship with Splash Creative for many years to come!
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With our bespoke service, we are able to find a solution that is right for your business. Speak to one of our digital marketing experts today.